What Is A Brand And Why Does It Matter?

What Is A Brand And Why Does It Matter?

Brand. Why does it matter?

What is a brand? Haven’t you heard that question a million times? Brand means something different to different people, business, or communities. The confusion about what a brand is; well, it’s best known to the originator of the word.

Over the internet, we get a variety of definitions of what is a brand.

“It is the emotional interaction that you (a business or product) have with the consumers.”

“It is a word, symbol, sign, or a combination of two or more that consumers used to identify a business.”

“It is the product or commodity by which a company is recognized.”

However, with all these definitions and more, what exactly is a brand?

What is a Brand?

When asked, most people say a brand is the logo of the company. It is not a farfetched answer, but a brand is more than a logo.

A brand is that signature imprint unique to a business which it uses to interact with consumers while trying to distinguish the business, product, and service in an already crowded market.

The more power a brand has the more interaction customers get with it. So whether you decide on visual design, defined communication skills or marketing standards; your brand identity will remain reliable when customers can truly relate, and interact freely with the brand.

With that said; a brand is the character of your business and should exude the persona and charisma that magnetizes people who come in contact with it. A brand is a strategy that tells people what you are into, why you are into it, and how it can make their lives better when with it.

The logo is a shell casing for a brand, without a brand, the logo is empty and does nothing to the idea and business persona you are trying to build.

To truly build a successful brand – your brand should pass through the competition, reach the right demographic, and communicate to them the essence of the message.

Why Branding Matters?

Does it matter?

Think about it, why do you have to spend so much time worrying about the brand, re-branding, and branding?

Before we go any further, here’s a little story to get you in the brand mood.

We attach a personality to the things we love. This personality makes us talk about it and want to get people to know more about it. This is branding.

When you hear the word “brand”, you immediately think of cattle or animal branding.? For animal lovers, this inhumane behavior sounds inappropriate, but before you throw in the towel, it made a difference when those animals come into the market.

If the cattle owner farm produces the fattest cows in the region, through branding, buyers are able to recognize the product without stress. Although branding has moved from forging with fire to more digitalized methods, it still drives home the same message.

In those days, branding was used to generate emotion in the minds of the consumers, it has not changed. So if you are wondering why branding matters, it is an emotional form of advertisement.

Speaking of advertisement, branding can’t work without advertisement, and you know the best thing about the right brand and branding; it is FREE advertisement.

Yes, you heard right, when you do your homework on the brand – style, story, and strategy of your business, your business will sell itself without doing much work.

So how does branding matter to you?

Even though we make and own our brand, we don’t own how customers relate or interact with them. Branding allows you to guide the consumers’ senses to your brand, but not to control their interaction.

So branding matters as it allows the consumer to make sharp instinctive decisions based on what they see, hear and feel. A good brand will sell the product, hmmm.

What makes a brand a good brand?

Over the years, businesses have written out what makes a good brand and why they think it’s so, but we have put together four elements that any brand looking for sustainability must encompass in their strategy.

The Brand Architecture

Every solid building must have a solid foundation, all of which relies on the architectural plan put in place. So brand architecture is the structural integrity of a brand within the business. This includes all aspects that aids in the proper functioning of the business.

This is important as it allows a multifaceted brand to offer all their products while distinguishing the clarity of the individual products but still maintaining the underlying message and structure of the parent brand.

Brand Position

Even when your business is new, you need to create a space for it on the market; this is where brand positioning comes to play.

This is a statement consisting of a line or two that tells all about your brand without confusing the customers. Basically, it is describing your brand accurately to the demographic intended.

As stated above, brand positioning allows the business to define the path of the product, demography, category, benefits, and testimonials. It also allows businesses that deal in more than one product to give each product its due visibility on the market.

Brand Character

These days brands have been “humanized” so that it can create the desired connection to the customer. When consumers relate to a product based on how it appeals to them, the brand gets more awareness in public.

This aspect matters as it allows the business to establish consistency in building the positive aspect of their product and how it plays on human emotions.

Brand Assurance

Have you been to a particular store just because they keep their promise and you are assured of getting what you want without compromise?

That is what brand assurance is all about. The ability to literally create a clear, open, and realistic message that will live with the consumer and product through the years.

Why this is essential to building a solid brand is it speaks directly to the consumer as people will always remember a brand that actually did what it says for decades than one that doesn’t.

Building a brand is hard, it is not three hours or three days sitting with your laptop; it is team efforts and like minds putting the ideas into reality with the expectation of even more realistic results.

As a business, brand, branding, and re-branding matters; it is what will take the business to the zenith.

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