The Importance of Social Proof

Social Proof

What is Social Proof?

People now make their buying decisions using Social Proof through a series of investigations, education, and collaboration. Your audience wants to know that they can trust your brand, so they inspect your brand. Social Proof is comprised of multiple elements, but it’s possible to keep it simple and focus on what works:


Positive reviews from real customers will boost your brand and increase your credibility. When people are uncertain about what to do, they tend to look at what others are doing to help make their decision.


A high-quality website that looks and feels modern increases your online credibility. Keep it super simple. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Is it easy to find what you need? Or, have you accidentally created a web of confusion that is certain to frustrate any visitor quickly?

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Solving Problems

Most search is related to finding answers to problems. Focus on helping your audience. If you do that, the traffic will start to flow to your website and social media outlets. As one of the first places potential buyers go when inspecting your company, your website should clearly focus on solving problems while establishing high levels of credibility. Most businesses try to showcase their features and benefits while drowning their audience.

Social Media

Social Media that provides high value and high engagement with your fans prove you are part of the community. 87% of buying decisions start online. 74% of Americans are on Facebook daily, and 60% are on Instagram every day. Meaningful content provides your company an avenue for articles to be shared, thus increasing your web traffic, giving your website more credibility with SEO.

Staying Relevant

Remember your potential new clients are inspecting your competitors too. Keep current and remain relevant.

Educate and Dominate

Content that teaches your audience will prove you are an expert in your industry.

Social Proof for Your Business

Social Proof is simple to understand but takes diligence, follow and expertise through to keep current. Keeping these six elements of Social Proof top of mind and incorporated into your business routine is essential to staying relevant, top of mind, and trusted.

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