Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing is a big and effective aspect of online marketing. When used properly, it can become a dynamic platform used to drive sales, generate leads and solidify branding.?

As a business owner striving to optimize social media marketing it is important is to learn how to strategize, implement and measure the outcomes. You must also be ready to create time, create quality content and measure results. To properly utilize and optimize your social media platforms for your brand, below are 6 helpful marketing tips.

1. Create a good landing page

Social media marketing involves posting links on your social media pages which will lead followers to your website. These links can be included in posts or added to your bio.?

When your followers arrive on your website, the first thing they will see is your landing page. Your landing page gives them an instant impression of your business so you need to optimize the page to ensure it attracts and holds your viewer’s attention. To do this, you must have a clear picture of what you want your landing page to portray. What impression do you want them to have of your business? What actions do you want your visitors to take? Once you answer this question, design your page to coax your visitors to carry out that action.?

Keep your headlines brief yet impactful. They should be bold and visible. The landing page should have content that will appeal to your visitors. Inform them about your products/services and how it can benefit them. The content must convince your audience to take the desired action. Round it up with a well written CTA to drive your point across. Lastly, ensure your landing page loads fast to speed up your conversion rate.?

2. Make relevant Ad copies

To attract your followers to your social media ads, ensure your ad copy matches your offer. Your landing page must contain all the details mentioned in the ad copy. So if the ad on your social media platform states that your site gives users a 1-week free trial, clicking on that link must lead users directly to a page with the form for the free trial. If your visitors click on your ads and are taken to a page that has nothing to do with the free trial, this might discourage them from giving the trial a chance. So make sure this does not occur. The more dependent your Ad copies are, the more your followers will be interested in your Ads and spread work of your website.?

Also, keep in mind that your customers might not be clicking on your ads to make purchases or hiring services. So make it a goal to drive them to make the desired action by putting the prospect right where they can see it to increase the chances.?

3. Invest in re-marketing

A great way to optimize social media marketing and increase website traffic and sales is by remarketing. It involves exposing your ads to social media followers who previously engaged your ad messages, but did not buy a product or hire a service. Remarketing helps pull their attention back to that product or service and may convince them to purchase your product.?

Based on the fact that these social media users have expressed interest in your products, there is a 60% chance you can attract their attention again. To improve a remarketing campaign, focus on segmenting your list. This allows you remarket to your followers by sending them to the landing page they previously interacted with.

4. Always use the right keywords and hashtags

On social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, people search for goods and services just as they do on Google. This is done by going to the search page and typing out what they want. Sometimes social media users search for particular keywords, and other times they search with hashtags. So to make your social media business page easily found by these searchers, incorporate keywords into your posts and ads. This will make it easier to find your page and posts. Using the right keywords can also help you rank at the top of these searches.

At the end of your posts, make sure you use hashtags. Most social media users use hashtags to search for products and services because hashtags are straightforward and direct. So for instance, if you sell leather shoes for women, you can hashtag your post with; #leathershoes, #womenshoes, or #womenleathershoes. When an online user searches for these hashtags your post will pop up, giving them access to your product

5. Use appealing offers

To attract more followers to your posts and your website, pull their attention with appealing offers. Social media users are always attracted to offers. Most will visit your website to see what you offer them and if it is something they need, they may follow your provided terms to get the offer. They might also retweet or repost your offers to draw the attention of their friends and followers, hence bringing attention to your business.?

To encourage website engagements, make sure these offers are provided only to customers who make purchases from you or register to your website. You can offer visitors free trials, discounts and so on.?

6. Target your competitor’s keywords

Discovering your competitor’s keywords and hashtags can give you an idea of which keywords to use in drawing attention to your marketing campaigns. If you get the top keywords and hashtags that keep their social media accounts on the top of search pages, you can use them for your marketing campaigns. This can also help you understand which keywords/hashtags your target audience search for and the keywords they click on. So incorporate these keywords/hashtags in your social media marketing campaigns and draw social media users to your website.

Social media marketing can be quite challenging. Without a guide, one can easily make a mistake and fail to achieve the desired goals. To avoid this, focus on these 6 tips mentioned above and implement them with commitment and consistency. These tips will boost your website traffic and help generate new leads.?

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