Launch of Website Announcement

Instructions for your website link

Launch of Website Announcement

Authenticate your site with Google Analytics. Before making a launch of website announcement, you need to be sure you’re tracking your traffic right from the start.?

Before a launch of website announcement, it’s critical for you to manage and maintain your Google My Business account. (click here for setup instructions)

Be sure to submit your website on all relevant search engine indexes in your industry.?

It is a mistake to be on all social media platforms unless your company is a very large brand. Choose the ideal platform for your audience.?

Facebook has 73% or more adult Americans on the feed daily. Always consider Facebook as a primary social media platform.?

You probably have 200+ Facebook friends. This will get the traffic started and make it easier to expand!

Use a simple email introducing your site or re-branding. Ask those on your email list to share with their friends who might be in need of your services or product.?

Take a video of yourself proudly announcing the launch of your website.

Encourage your friends to share with their friends.?

Then, start posting helpful content with your ideal customer in mind. What do they want to learn? How can you help??

Then publish those posts on your social media platforms. Ask your friends to share.?

With social media, you will need to post something at least 2-4 times per week. Be sure to engage with your followers when they comment!

Begin a small advertising campaign with Google Ads using the ideal keywords.

Google usually gives a $100 voucher to get going with advertising for your site.

Google Ads will help drive more traffic to your site and you can analyze the data to see the following:?

  1. How long do people stay on your web pages?
  2. What is the bounce rate??
  3. Are people converting (making a purchase or filling out the form)?
  4. Where do people exit??

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