Attribution Modeling: Ideal attribution model for Google Ads & Facebook

what is attribution modeling

What is attribution modeling?

Attribution modeling?is a way to give credit to different internet platforms that are touched along the process of a user as they turn into a conversion.?

Attribution Modeling Recommendation:? ? 40% 1st, 40% last, 20% in between.


Not all users will convert on your page immediately. Site visitors may want to inspect your social media pages, your Google My Business page, your Amazon page (if you have one), and competitor pages all before agreeing to buy or fill out a form.?

Attribution modeling tracks and gives credit to each of these platforms. Where standard conversion goals are set at last click. Using Attribution Modeling will more accurately show how your other internet marketing efforts are affecting the buying behavior of your site visitors.?

Why? Patterns are showing mid-decision making impressions keep your company top of mind.?

Google Ads:?KARMA jack data show shows visitors fill out a form after 2-3 days of first impression. They need to see the impressions on average 2 times before moving to make the decision.?

Facebook is proving to be a huge influencer in the decision making process.?

KARMA jack data shows site visitors that leave customer’s sites are still heavily influenced by organic Facebook posts and Facebook retargeting efforts. When a customer visits your site, Facebook business manager tools allow ads to serve up on your site visitors Facebook and Instagram feeds. This is a phenomenal way to stay top of mind for visitors who have left your site without converting.?

In one case study, we noticed an 80% conversion rate from visitors who left the site, saw a Facebook ad, and then wound up back on the site.?

Attribution Modeling better clarifies the path of the consumer and helps you better understand the effectiveness of your advertising dollars.?

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