Facebook Boosted Posts vs. Facebook Ads

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What is a Facebook Boosted Post?

A Facebook boosted post is a pared-down version of an ad. When you publish a post to your business’s Facebook page, you have the opportunity to “boost” it with a budget. Facebook shares the post more prominently to your existing audience and also to similar users that are not yet following your business. Boosted Posts are one time, single action, not an ongoing campaign.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are advertisements that show up all over Facebook, both on mobile and desktop views. They show up in the news feed, the right-hand column, and even stories. Facebook Ads allow your business to customize content, headline, audience, images, budgets, and bidding strategies. Facebook Ads is a useful tool, allowing businesses to create ads as part of a broader marketing campaign and manage performance and efforts through Facebook Ad Manager over time.

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What is the difference between Facebook Ads and a Facebook boosted post?

All digital marketing should be measured with clear objectives for success. Facebook Ads drive leads while Facebook Boosted Posts drive engagement. Facebook Ads are better for promoting your product or service and encouraging customers to visit your website to make a purchase or fill out a lead form. Simply put, Facebook Ads drive sales and conversions, and who doesn’t want that? Facebook Ads offer robust tracking and reporting tools that an experienced social media marketing agency can optimize for lower costs and more leads.?

Facebook Boosted Posts are geared more towards building awareness of your brand or a particular event. They are optimized for likes and shares, not for driving revenue. Facebook Ads provide a much higher and more trackable ROI along with more control over content, audience, and goals.?

Facebook Ads also offers more graphic and video options, along with lookalike audiences and the ability to retarget. And, you can use Facebook Ads for engagement and audience building as well. An engagement campaign on Facebook Ads achieves the same if not better audience building results with more robust targeting and reporting.?

Facebook Ads also offer retargeting. It allows you to focus ads on customers who engaged with previous ads, left something in their cart, or visited a particular page on your website. Retargeting is an essential part of a digital marketing plan to drive leads, conversions, and sales.?

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What's Next?

Facebook Boosted Posts are popular because they are straightforward to execute. They don’t provide the same kind of customization, reporting, and ultimately ROI that Facebook Ads can offer. Facebook Ads can be intimidating. Numerous free online tutorials walk you through the steps of creating, managing, and analyzing Facebook Ads. The best digital marketing companies can manage this process for you while providing proof that your investment is producing results, engaging you in the process along the way.

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